The overall objective of our HSE policy is the continuous improvement in standards of Health, Safety and Environment. We intend to achieve this objectives by promoting HSE awareness among our employees and endeavor to identify and eliminate Health hazards, potential causes of accidents and control all activities that are potentially damaging to the environment.

We believe that all accidents are PREVENTABLE. Therefore we aspire to conduct our business activities in a manner that ensures the Health and Safety of all employees, sub-contractors and the host communities as it relates to our work environment being properly safeguarded while complying with both client’s and statutory requirements.

We are of the opinion that with correct and responsible attitudes towards health, safety, and environment our workers welfare can be assured. The adoption of adequate procedures and good management techniques, the incidence of poor health, injury and environmental damage can be reduced substantially and efficiency improved.

Therefore, management and employees must be constantly aware of their responsibilities and the need for, the benefits of  constructive and properly streamlined HSE program.

The health, safety and environmental activities as contained herein and articulated in depth, shall be organized, planned and executed in such a manner as to achieve the following:

  • A protection and promotion of workers health welfare, safe plant and equipment, and their routine maintenance to ensure workers safety as well as that of the public
  • To ensure the safe methods of sorting, handling and transportation of goods or substances and personal security of the workforce and that of public members
  • Providing a safe working environment to avoid on the job injury to any member of the workforce and others who at site are either involved or are affected by operations.
  • To adequately provide relevant information, instruction, training and supervision to workers as need be. This will help to protect and ensure an efficient operational environment from pollution and all forms of degradation in compliance with national legislation and company rules.

– And finally to seek the cooperation, dedication and diligent involvement of all employees with a view in achieving our client and stated company goal and objectives



It is the policy for every employee to  organize, plan, perform his or her duties in accordance with HSE’s policy as it relates to construction activities and in a manner as to:

Avoid injury, minimize environmental impact, protect and promote the health of our workforce as well as to conduct our activities in ways that will not adversely affect any third parties.


Employees are encouraged to suspend activities when it cannot be carried out in accordance with the policy and must report immediately to a supervisor.


In other to ensure the preservation of a healthy and safe work environment, it is required that Managers, Supervisors, Employees, associates and clients consider a joint responsibility as it relates to the  outlined safety policy.

Our  Safety standard and on site awareness is fundamental to operational efficiency and must be maintained and observed by all as an integral part of efficient management during performance of all working activities.

Any employee found culpably negligent or having contributed to an accident through personal neglect, will be subjected to disciplinary procedure which could result in dismissal.

Employees should be trained in all aspects of their work with emphases to potential hazards and Safety committees meetings will be encouraged to facilitate participation among site workers whenever required by supervisors to ensure awareness in preventing accidents, injuries and near misses.

All accidents, injuries to personnel and near misses shall be thoroughly investigated and reported so that corrective actions may be taken in order to prevent the reoccurrence of same in future.



We believe that our natural environment is of vital importance to our wellbeing and lifestyle, therefore must be protected.

We are therefore committed to ensuring clean and healthy environment in the course of executing our contractual obligations. In line with this, project activities are planned in such a way as to achieve the protection of the environment.

Employees, Subcontractors and third parties who may be involved in the project execution shall be enjoined to ensure a healthy, safe and friendly work environment.


Community Relations & Corporate Social Responsibility

UNIG continues to identify with the needs and aspiration of our clients and local communities in the execution of our operations.

We do not to operate in isolation and therefore we liaise with client, local communities, relevant government departments and others in order to ensure a safe and peaceful working atmosphere.

We adopt established procedures to deal with community, conflict resolutions and other forms of unrest in the execution of our tasks. Every project management and CASHES department is guided accordingly.

We are a Corporate Citizen and contribute to the development of society at large through or CSR desk which contributes to education, health and social security of members of the public who reach out to us for assistance.


We consistently implement competence and training organizational procedures towards planned and documented training programs to build employee capacity. We believe in developing human capital.  We ensure that all personnel perform their respective assigned tasks with efficiency, HSE and QA /QC compliance through adequate education, training, skills and experience.

We require our management staffs and departmental managers to annually engage, define and document a training plan on the basis of:

– closing the gap between required and existing competences

– Conduct periodical evaluation and analysis of employee’s personal dossiers

We do not condone any form of discriminations in planning and realization of required training programs on the basis of race, caste, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership, political affiliation or age.