The group of companies UNIG HOLDINGS was originally planned and organized to unite the capabilities and potential of various subsidiaries, coordinate their work and improve the efficiency of the combined business portfolios.
The holding company in itself is not a legal structure or a merger of other companies. It does not have its own corporate or Taxation registration numbers. It has no profits, does not pay taxes and has no share in any of the businesses that it comprises.

Its task is to unite the common functions of management, coordination, effective use of top managers, along with management and control over the use of funds of companies that comprise the UNIG Group. The combination of these functions allows us to develop business in the direction of improving the effective management of the consolidated resources and potentials of the companies that are members of the holding.
And to fulfill these functions, UNIG HOLDINGS has every right to represent the interests of all companies that are part of it, may act on their behalf, represents their interests, Conduct negotiations and signs agreements. UNIG HOLDINGS may also prepare new business proposals for implementation by existing corporate subsidiaries of UNIG Group – members of the holding. it may also create new companies to implement these plans where necessary.

Development of ideas, construction of new infrastructure and modernization of existing and or moribund plants and enterprises. Creation of jobs and production of import-substituting products

This is the strategy and the main task of UNIG HOLDINGS

Implementation of new technologies, training of personnel and the Contemporary management system. Creation or association of new enterprises, each of which is engaged in its own type of activity

This is our Objective at UNIG HOLDINGS

Attracting investment in the industrial sector of the economy of Nigeria, their development and the creation of new products based on the attraction of modern technology. Not the budget – but the investment.

These are the main sources of financing for our programs and projects at UNIG HOLDINGS

Who wants to do – looks for opportunity, who does not want to do – look for reasonable excuses.

This is our slogan at UNIG HOLDINGS

UNIG HOLDINGS acts in the interests of the companies that it includes. She does not own profit, but create value for subsidiaries portfolio and businesses. Do not lead – develop. Do not absorb – create. Do not manage – coordinate.

This is our essence at UNIG HOLDINGS

The Board of Trustees is a public authority for strategic investment planning for participants and members of UNIG HOLDINGS and its partners.
The corporate social plans priorities of UNIG HOLDINGS is implemented and determined by the Board of Trustees.
Members of the Board of Trustees are not only directors of companies and not necessarily its shareholders. They are respected, experienced and authoritative people who, in a friendly and friendly atmosphere, direct investment vectors to those sectors of the economy and those regions of Nigeria – where there is a need, support and understanding of the government.
Members of the Board of Trustees are respected citizens of their countries engaged for non-profit service in the first place. But for whom the interests of developing the economies of their countries, regions and the welfare of their compatriots and countrymen are a priority.

The highest executive body of the holding company UNIG HOLDINGS is the Board of Executive Directors of the member companies of the holding.

Well, the specific questions of the activities of each particular company participating in the group of companies UNIG HOLDINGS are the specific interests of each particular company, which solves them at its own discretion within its own business portfolio development plans.
So the holding company UNIG HOLDINGS is organized. So it is managed and developed. And so it carries out its activities.
Below is the structure of the group of companies UNIG HOLDINGS, which shows the mainframe of its work. Priorities and business sectors.


Initially, the holding company UNIG HOLDINGS was established by five enterprises. These enterprises have different statutory funds – from 10 to 100 million Naira. They have different shareholders. And they are created for doing business in five main areas.

UNIG INFRASTRUCTURE – the company was established to primarily as a Construction outfit for the development of buildings, structures and implementing infrastructure projects. These are not only roads, bridges, but also factories and engineering networks.
Quality construction with the use of its own powerful production base will give an optimally low cost of such works at the Internationally accepted standard quality levels.

As a priority, the project for the construction of a plant for the production of tractors by the method of large-nodal assembly in Nigeria is currently underway.
More details can be found here. (Click here)

UNIG POLYMERCONSTRUCTION – these are the factories for the production of pipes from high-density polyethylene PE-80, PE-100 and PE-100 +. Training centers for the preparation of foremen, designers and welders of polyethylene pipes. Service centers for the supply of fittings, thermofusion resistive couplings, cranes and adapters, as well as for the supply and maintenance of welding equipment for butt and thermistor welding.
It should be noted that in Nigeria today there are no plants producing low-pressure and high-density polyethylene pipes. More details can be found here. (Click here)

UNIG RESOURCES – was established for export-import transactions and business. Its main task is to supply the Nigerian market with the necessary products and goods whilst buying and exporting processed goods and products from Nigeria.

For exports to third countries, and especially to the European Union, home-grown products that are in demand in the world. This attracts forex into the currency market and promote Nigerian products to the markets of third-party countries. What is very important is Nigeria’s foreign trade balance. More details can be found here. (Click here)

UNIG TIMBER – this is set-up for the production of wood products of International quality level using modern equipment with efficient technology for both the domestic market of Nigeria and for export.
The current technology in Nigeria is irrationally depleting forest resources and is unable to produce quality products that meet global standards. The dominance of imported wood chipboards and wood-fiber boards, low-quality MDF is gradually killing the woodworking industry in Nigeria. More details can be found here. (Click here).

UNIG AGROPRODUCT – enterprise for the implementation of projects in the agricultural sector of the economy of Nigeria.

Agriculture remains the most promising and most necessary type of business for Nigeria. It is the development of this direction that will enable the country not only to get rid of import dependence on food products, but also to become a powerful exporter of agricultural products in Africa and not around the world.
The excellent climate and the great potential of the land for agricultural activities, together with the creation of a powerful production base for its processing, will ensure large scale economic growth and the well-being of the population whist still taking Nigeria to a leading position in this field of business. More details can be found here. (Click here)