The history of this unique enterprise began during the Second World War – in 1944, when the construction of an automobile plant began in the Soviet city of Dnepropetrovsk. In 1951 the unfinished building was redeveloped. The initial mission of the plant is the production of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Initially, YUZHMASH did not have an open name, but only a number, and was called “Plant № 586”. For more than seventy years of history, the enterprise has received the status of a world leader in the field of rocket science and today it forms the basis of the rocket and space industry of Ukraine. Beginning in the 1950s, four generations of strategic missile complexes were created in Dnepropetrovsk, about 400 space vehicles of 70 different modifications, space rockets of the families: “Cyclone”, “Cosmos”, “Zenith”.

The company produces some of the most reliable rocket engines in the world, as well as space satellites. Only 6 countries of the world have such a unique production. And according to the level of production base and reliability, YUZHMASH is the third company in the world. The Zenith rocket launchers are the most reliable in history! It is these types of missiles that are used in the world’s only international “Sea Launch” program, which launches satellites in the ocean from a floating platform. In addition to rocket production, YUZHMASH produces wind turbines, trolleybuses, equipment for the food industry, aircraft assembly units of the Design Bureau «ANTONOV» An-140, An-148, An-158, etc.

However, YUZHMASH most popular product besides rockets is its own production of tractors known under the designation UMZ using its enormous technical and scientific potential. In the list of these products are agricultural machines of the most popular capacities – universal wheeled tractor capacity of 60 hp. – wheel formula 4 x 2, 80 hp – wheel formula 4 x 4 and 4 x 2, and 100 hp. – wheel formula 4 x 4; With the use of the main components (engine, transmission, front drive axle) of European quality level.  By implementing improvement and innovation policy, the company continues to develop new technologies and expand its product range.

Tractors of the UMZ brand have been successfully manufactured for more than 50 years and operate in 44 countries of the world in any climatic conditions. The tractor has a high degree of compatibility with numerous attachments for agriculture. The installation of additional equipment makes it possible to use it in agricultural production, road construction, communal and excavation.
In such countries as Egypt and others, assembly tractor plants were built. And the total production of tractors exceeded 1,500,000 pieces!
It should be noted that YUZHMASH is an image company that symbolizes the powerful technological, production and scientific potential of Ukraine.
YUZHMASH’s team is interested in expanding cooperation with members of the international space and other programs. YUZHMASH carries out foreign economic activity in 23 countries, and is willing to consider proposals for cooperation and partnership in any economic sector on any continent.

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