The history of the company “UKRPOLIMERKONSTRUKTSIYA” begins in 1995, when a group of enthusiasts established the production of plastic pipes and set up a limited liability company “Ukrpolymerekonstruktsiya”. Two years later, for the first time in Ukraine, the production of polyethylene pipes for gas supply was established, and later welded fitting connections were also started.

In 2004, after the creation and accreditation of the laboratory, additional equipment was purchased and the construction of a second plant in Baryshevka city was started, which was completed next year. Since 2007, when the official brand of the company was registered, the production capacity reached 10,000 tons of polyethylene per year. And from that time, export deliveries of finished goods, originally to the Republic of Belarus, began.

After in 2009 the company implemented the quality management system ICO 9001: 2009 (click here – ISO Certificate), it switched to 24/7 operation mode and reached the top level of production in Ukraine with consistently high quality of products. Today, UKRPOLIMERKONSTRUKTSIYA is a group of 6 companies that performs a wide range of construction, infrastructure and engineering networks. (Click here)

Is, the leading domestic manufacturer of plastic pipes and fittings for water pipes, gas pipelines, sewerage, irrigation systems, fire fighting, telecommunication systems, as well as mining, metallurgical, energy, chemical and other industries.

“UKRPOLIMERKONSTRUKTSIYA” – a company with Ukrainian capital produces pipes with a diameter of up to 630 mm and is considered one of the largest companies of this profile in Ukraine and holds strong positions in the market of pipes. Click here

High-quality polymer pipes made from so-called polyethylene PE-100 + (from the world’s leading manufacturers of polyethylene, members of the International Association PE-100 +). Expected service life of pipes is up to 100 years. They have significantly improved characteristics compared to pipes made from conventional PE-100 (not to mention PE-80 or PE-63), in particular, minimum long-term strength, resistance to cracking.

The plant is equipped with 7 modern extrusion lines, which produce pipes with a diameter of 10 – 630 mm. The total area of ​​the plant is more than 6.5 hectares. The warehouse area is 1000 square meters. The presence of its own truck fleet allows the company to quickly deliver products to consumers.

The laboratory of the plant is fully equipped with the necessary testing equipment, performs incoming monitoring of polymer compositions, as well as a set of necessary acceptance and periodic testing of its products.

The company passed the necessary procedures for assessing compliance, confirmed suitability and expertise, and has all the necessary permits and certificates.

“UKRPOLIMERKONSTRUKTSIYA” is a member of several associations and associations, such as: the RE-100 + club, the Ukrainian Association of Manufacturers and Builders of Polymer Pipelines and the Association “UKRVODOKANALECOLOGY”.

All produced products are sold through the Trade House UKRPOLIMERKONSTRUKTSIYA.

More details can be found on the company’s website. (click here – ).