The Ukrainian enterprise VVV-SPETSTEKHNIKA (see web-site company)   was founded in 2006 in the city of Kherson. At the origins of its creation stood friends-companions – Nikolay Pchelnikov and Vladislav Sotsenko. It was thanks to their efforts, work and investments that this enterprise was created.

Nikolai Pchelnikov (left) and Vladislav Sotsenko (right) in the office with trainees from Africa

In his first year of work, the cadres were selected, a production base was created, construction projects were identified and the enterprise was registered with obtaining all necessary licenses, permits and certificates.



In the following year, 2008, the first dredge for the local customer was released. Its performance was not big – only 400 cubic meters per hour. At the time, there were only 8 people staff.

But the prepared design and type of the dredger was optimal. The customer was pleased with the purchase and ordered another similar dredger.

Such was the beginning.

And in the future, during the following years the company acquired fame and prestige in the territory of Ukraine and other countries, the first of foreign customers were Russia and Belarus.

Initially, five types of dredgers were produced, differing in performance, in the most simple modifications, without any additional functions. These were simple machines for simple dredging.

During the operation, there was a need to carry out modifications on site – the genus of each customer individually. Then the employees of the company SPETSTEKHNIKA arrived at the site of operation of the dredger and finalized the machines, in the course of eliminating the identified shortcomings. As a result of this, subsequent models of dredgers became more and more perfect.

In 2010, the first contract was signed with the customer from far abroad – from the Federative Republic of Nigeria. And already at the end of the year the first dredger of the enterprise went to Africa.

Then followed orders from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Martinique and again from Nigeria (see letter). In addition, enterprises from Ukraine, having made sure of the quality of dredgers produced by compatriots also became permanent customers of dredgers «НСС».

Meanwhile, the company’s staff increased, new specialists appeared, more complex projects were being developed. In 2012, the enterprise received the Certificate of Conformity of the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008, No. 31-351-12. Compliance with ISO 9001 standards attests to the high level of reliability of the company, the stability of product quality and the improvement of productivity.

The model range of the produced equipment has significantly increased. The models themselves have become more functional and competitive in relation to similar models of Western European manufacturers. There were cases when customers from the top countries of the world, having received a dredge, asked: “Is it really produced in Ukraine”?

However, the company SPETSTEKHNIKA does not copy existing samples of dredgers in the world, but produces them on its own projects, which are registered in the State Register of Patents of Ukraine, the last of which was registered on October 10,

Since February 2013, the company uses its own brand for the produced dredgers HCC, registered in the State Register of Evidence of Ukraine. And now these machines are recognizable not only in the yellow-blue color, symbolizing the colors of the flag of Ukraine, but also by the abbreviation “НСС”.

In addition to the positive evaluation of clients, the company’s activities were also evaluated in the national financial ratings and included in the Register of Ukrainian Enterprises, whose financial condition indicates their reliability as partners in business activities in Ukraine and abroad.

Constantly, since 2012, the company SPETSTEKHNIKA is at the head of the industry – based on the results of a single national rating program for determining the leaders of the real sector of the economy “NATIONAL BUSINESS RATING” and on the basis of official data of the Ukrainian statistical bodies.

Despite the military aggression of Russia and the economic crisis in 2013-2017, the enterprise successfully continues its activities, fulfilling all contracts on time and at a high technological level.

Over a ten-year history, the company SPETSTEKHNIKA increased its staff more than 4 times. At the same time, the production area and technological base increased five-fold.

More than 50 different models of dredge dredgers have been produced, which operate in 15 countries of the world. Among them – dredging dredgers, gold mining dredgers, dredgers for the development of sludge and mineral resources and others.

Today, the NSS dredger line is presented in 11 main series with 64 modifications for various works. The productivity of the dredgers is from 15 to 650 meters per hour on the extracted soil. And the depth of development is from 0.5 to 22 meters. At the same time, it is possible to produce unique dredges for individual projects and to manufacture equipment taking into account the nuances of its application and the wishes of the customer.

It is also important that the customer does not need to complete the dredge with additional aggregates and components. Today the company SPETSTEKHNIKA took these problems on its own and, in addition to the production of the dredgers themselves, mastered the production of the necessary units and assemblies.

So, starting in 2013, vortex pumps were launched into mass production. There is a complete set of dredgers with diesel generating sets with a capacity of up to 4 mW.

Also, the production of flanged-type pulp lines from high-density polyethylene up to 900 mm in diameter has been mastered. In this case, the buoyancy of the water section of the slurry pipeline is ensured by the completion of the floats for it.


For filing the washed ground for long distances – up to 10 kilometers, the company SPETSTEKHNIKA produces automatic booster stations, providing a capacity of up to 12,000 cubic meters per hour.

The future of the company is optimistic. A large number of orders and proposals for modernization. Mastering of new sales markets and mutually beneficial cooperation with profile enterprises and structures.

A wide agent base represents the products of the company SPETSTEKHNIKA in various countries of the world. (see Prezentation)

And the key to the successful development of the company was and remains the main criterion to which the company SPETSTEKHNIKA strictly follows: quality equipment at the best price, warranty and service support of the manufacturer.