NAFTA GAS SERVICE is a group of companies creating for the development of pipeline infrastructure in the oil and gas industries of Ukraine.

In the process of work, the company switched to the investment system of such infrastructure facilities and expanded their list with the construction of water pipes, drains and sewerage. And the main materials in this became polyethylene pipes of high density from materials PE-80, and subsequently PE-10 and PE-100 + (click here).

Over the last 15 years of its work, since 2002, the NAFTA GAS SERVICE group of companies has designed and built pipelines with a total length of about 2,500 kilometers! At the same time, not only high pressure gas pipelines of up to 12 kgs were constructed, but also water transport networks in the Odessa, Mykolayiv and Kherson regions of Ukraine.

Such pipelines were built in 18 regions of Ukraine out of 26.

The group of companies NAFTA GAS SERVICE invested in the development of water and gas supply systems. In total, more than 160 contracts were executed and fully gasified for example, more than 60 settlements with the company’s own funds (Click here).    And many of these gas pipeline systems are owned by the NAFTA GAS SERVICE group of companies.

In the process of its development, the spheres of construction were expanded. And besides the pipelines, the company was engaged in the construction of housing. In particular, under the State Housing Construction Program for military personnel, multistory houses were built in the cities of Borispyl’ and Rivne, and such construction was financed in the capital of Ukraine, the city of Kiev.

For the construction and underground laying of pipelines, the company acquired its own fleet of construction equipment, including large-capacity rotary excavators such as BTM, PZM, BAT and others.

For the trenchless laying of gas and water pipes in settlements, under railroads and roads, under rivers, asphalt and constructed buildings, a section of trenchless technologies was created that operated horizontal directional drilling units of Ditch Witch and Vermeer with a capacity of 30 and 45 tons. And it is very important for high-quality work performance  (Click here)

In addition, the company’s specialists took part in the construction of roads and bridges on the routes: Kiev-Odessa, Mykolaiv-Kherson, Kiev-Chop and others.

In the process of development, NAFTA GAS SERVICE has mastered the equipment for sand reclamation and land reclamation. The plant uses pumps with a capacity of 1600 and 2000 cubm per hour .

Friendly and partner relations with the Kherson plant SPETSTEKHNIKA, which produce medium-class dredgers, allows solving any tasks related to the business of dredging, sand pumping, site reclamation and water treatment. And we represent their interests only in Nigeria, but also in West Africa (click here).

The group of companies NAFTA GAS SERVICE is a merger of 5 companies with a progressive system of holding management and a typical representative of EPIC – Engineering, Procurement, Installation, Construction. The number of employees exceeded 500 people, who worked in 5 branches and in 8 construction and assembly divisions.

Containing excellence in the areas of Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing and Dredging.

The Company’s operations are governed by the policy of attaining and maintaining the highest standards of adherence to integrity, transparency and business conduct as it relates to development, business, industry and socio-economic ideals.

In addition to Ukraine, the NAFTA GAS SERVICE group of companies was pre-qualified in 2009 for the construction of gas pipelines in India, in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. The customer of the works was GSPC GAS.

In 2008, together with Nigerian partners, NAFTA GAS SERVICE established UKRE INTERCONSTRUCT LTD in Port Harcourt and since 2009-2012 has complited work on the reconstruction of the road type «В» in to the road type «А»: Eneka-Igwuruta-Rumukrushi, a length of 14.7 km, total cost of about 9.5 billion Naira (about 60 million US dollars).

At the request of the Government of Rivers, research was carried out and materials on a comprehensive garbage collection and disposal system were provided in Port Harcourt. For this purpose, RIVGREEN INTERCOSTRUCT was established, which purchased new compactors, sweepers and other waste removal equipment and participated in the implementation this program.

Due to the tragic death of the partner, Chief Ambassador Ignatius Ajuru – these companies did not receive further development.

The company has over the years achieved contracting excellence with a heritage for inspired innovation, skill development, staff dignity and productivity. A tradition we have sustained in projects execution with a resolve to be the finest in community relations. The Company has experience of nearly three decades spanning

  1. Trenchless Construction Technology
  2. Horizontal Directional Drilling Technology
  3. Wireless Pipeline Monitoring System
  4. High level Dredging & Reclamation Engineering
  5. Manufacturing


  1. Time tested and effective technology integration
  2. Project finance and due diligence
  3. Qualified, trained and highly experience staff strength
  4. Quality and turn-around time exemplified and respected in Europe, Asia and Africa.