Kharkiv Tractor Plant
named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze

The main administrative building of XTZ (1930)

Construction of the plant began in April 1930 in the steppe behind the station Losevo, located 15 kilometers from Kharkiv. And now it is a big city district.
The tractor plant was built on an American project, because in the Soviet Union there was not yet an experience of grandiose construction projects. And the future plant really looked like an industrial monster – with huge block-type buildings, with large windows and long conveyor shops.
In the Soviet Union, there was nothing like that at that time. The industrialization of the country was just beginning, and Soviet architects and designers simply did not have the necessary knowledge and experience. Therefore, they decided to appeal to the Americans and simply copied from them a huge factory.
They built the plant independently, but American specialists supervised the construction of the facility, which was supposed to produce tens of thousands of cars a year.

On May 1, 1931, the first workshop, instrumental, was launched, which began the production of tools and equipment to continue the construction of the plant. September 30, 1931 the construction of a tractor plant consisting of 12 work shops was completed and on October 1, 1931, it was put into operation under the name “Yugtraktorostroy.”

In October 1931, the plant started the production of the wheeled tractor SXTZ 15/30, which was equipped with a 30-horsepower kerosene engine and developed a speed of 7.4 km / h. This tractor was also, in fact, American – it was actually copied from the model “International 15/30”, produced by the American company “International Harvester”.

In 1932, 17 374 tractors came off the assembly line. In addition, Yugtraktorostroy produced 1,507 engines, 17,500 tons of pig iron, almost 1,300 tons of non-ferrous metals and 17,445 tons of hot stamping.

In 1935 a 100,000th tractor came off the assembly line, in 1936 a 150,000th tractor came off the assembly line.

On September 17, 1937, the plant began serial production of the caterpillar tractor SXTZ-NATI, which was the first mass-produced tractor of domestic engineering.
After the outbreak of World War II and the approach of the front line to the town of Khorkov, the plant was evacuated. First to Stalingrad, and then to the city of Rubtsovsk, Altai Territory, where the Altai Tractor Plant was built on the basis of the Khartsyzsk Tractor Works, which in 1942 produced the first tractor ASXTZ-NATI. After the liberation of Kharkov from the Germany Nazi occupation forces, in August 1943 the reconstruction of the factory buildings destroyed during the occupation began, at the end of 1944 the plant produced the first products.
And after the war, the list and quantity of manufactured equipment began to grow steadily. In 1947, the plant started the production of the tractor XTZ-7, followed by the DT-54 (1949), XTZ-12 (1952), DT-14 (1955), DT-20 (1958), T-75 (1960), T-74 (1962 g), T-25A (1969), T-150 (1971).

On January 20, 1967, a millionth tractor came off the assembly line.
Until the end of 1973, the plant produced 1.5 million tractors.
On April 16, 1982, the plant produced a two millionth tractor.

In the 1980s, the plant achieved maximum productivity – the output was up to 70,000 tractors a year.

For small farms and small jobs, low-power tractors with engines from 12 to 24 hp, such as XTZ-7, DT-14, T-19, T-20 and T-25 were produced.
DT-54 and DT-75 – tractor of medium power.

A tractor series T-150 and others, created on their basis – these are one of the most powerful tractors produced not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries of the world.
By the beginning of 1986 the plant supplied tractors to 36 countries and prepared production of new models of large-capacity wheeled tractors: T-150KM and T-150K-02.

In 1994 the plant was transformed into an open joint stock company.

As of 2006, the plant produced tractors, including universal wheeled tractors of general purpose XTZ-17221 and XTZ-17222, as well as upgraded the T-150 series, the wheeled arable XTZ-16131, the crawler-type XTZ-181, the machinery for farmers ХТZ-3510, wheel loaders ХТZ-156.

In addition to tractors, the Kharkiv Tractor Plant also produced military products – artillery tractors ATL.
And in the modern period, light multi-purpose tractors MT-LB and self-propelled artillery units produced on its basis – 2C1 “Gvozdika”.

The global economic crisis that began in 2008 led to the economic crisis in Ukraine and complicated the position of the plant.
And in 2016 a new history of the revival of the Kharkiv Tractor Plant began, after the privatization of the plant and the change of ownership.

He became one of the richest people in Ukraine, Alexander Vladilenovich Yaroslavsky, who owns a controlling stake in XTZ through his own company DHC.

If in 2017 the plant works in the production schedule of 2 thousand tractors a year, out of 150 tractors per month, then from the next 2018 the production program will double and reach a stable output of 4000 tractors a year.

In May 2013, XTZ developed a new model of small tractors for farmers – XTZ-2410, XTZ-2511 (with engines of 24 hp) and XTZ-3512 (35 hp).

These tractors are available in three versions, including without a roof and “cabriolet” – especially for Africa.

For small farms and work, models of tractors XTZ-12 / -14 / 16 with engines from 12 to 16 hp are produced.

And one more very important and positive product from the Kharkiv Tractor Plant is the Program for the Modernization of Used Equipment of Own Production, which started operating in March 2015. According to which any of the tractors is undergoing major overhaul and restoration of the working condition with the provision of a factory guarantee thereafter. For three years – as a new technique. And the cost of this modernization is half the price of a new tractor. That significantly saves the money of the owners of tractors. And relieves them of the need to master new technology, as they will continue to operate those tractors to which they are accustomed.

For all the years of its existence, the Kharkiv Tractor Plant has produced more than 3 million tractors and other heavy specialized equipment, which has always been distinguished by reliability, functionality and the highest quality of execution.
They have been in great demand for decades not only in the territory of the former Soviet Union, but also in many countries of Europe, Asia and Africa.

All modern products are certified and meet the quality standards of the European Union.
And today the Kharkiv Tractor Plant produces dozens of models of modern tractors and special equipment designed to perform a variety of works in many industries, rural and communal services, construction.

Practically all tractors and heavy special-purpose machinery are multifunctional and possess high possibilities of aggregation with numerous hinged implements of various purposes.

At present, a family of high-tech, comfortable and productive machines is mass-produced, and innovative modern technologies and materials were used in their manufacture.

In addition to traditional tractors of general purpose, the enterprise started production of special equipment intended for oilmen and geologists. Machines for mechanized welding operations were produced.
For the railway industry, universal track machines operating on the basis of tractors XTZ are produced. All models of tractors for the agricultural producer and public utilities have been renewed and received new life.

For large farms, whose work is connected with the cultivation of vast tracts, a powerful modern multifunctional tractor XTZ-242K.20 (21) with a wide range of aggregation facilities is offered. Complete with a reliable tractor, the farmer will always be able to purchase a convenient large-capacity self-unloading trailer TM-47. The crawler tractor of high cross-country capacity XTZ-181 (190 hp), the wheeled vehicles ХТZ-150К-09.172 (180 hp) with enlarged paired wheels will help the agrarian improve the yields, due to the reduced ground pressure provided by the structures of these machines.

For the railway industry and manufacturing enterprises that have access roads in the territory, an irreplaceable machine will be the module КРТ-1, which operates on the basis of tractors ХТZ-242К.20 (21) and ХТZ-150К-09.172. These machines successfully perform all the functions of much more expensive shunting locomotives, while Kharkov technology is often much more economical in operation. That is why a universal track machine UPM-1, operating on the basis of a specially equipped tractor, XTZ-17221, was manufactured to maintain and repair the railroad track.

But whatever equipment the Kharkiv tractor plant produced today, the main criteria that remain unchanged from the first years of the enterprise’s work are the high quality, durability, safety and reliability of each manufactured machine.

That is why the Kharkiv Tractor Plant named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze, whose number of employees is about 2500 people, is included in the list of enterprises that have image and strategic importance for the economy and security of Ukraine.

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