(Soviet folk proverb)

UNIG HOLDINGS is a group of investment companies set up to develop industrial sectors of the Nigerian economy, attract and integrate new technologies, create jobs, restore moribund industrial systems, plants and factories whilst creating new enterprises. The country, whose population in 2017 exceeded 190 million people… A country extremely rich in natural and human resources should not remain an underachiever depending only on the large scale export-based exploitation of its natural resources. A country where about 80% of the able-bodied population does remains unemployed…

A country whose gross domestic product exceeds $ 1 trillion and is ranked 22nd largest economy in the world as the end of 2016… A country that practically imports all it needs, depleting its huge amount of foreign reserves indirectly financing the development of the economies of other countries, instead of developing its own…

A country that cannot provide adequate electricity for its teeming population. Although Nigeria has 11th largest oil reserves in the world with a deposit of 5 billion tons, and ranks 9th place in the world for natural gas reserves – 5 trillion cubic meters, yet cannot sustain domestic production capacities making economic development impossible because of the lack of transportation infrastructure and logistics…

This country is Nigeria. It needs a huge number of enterprises that will exploit avenues for in-country manufacturing for local and international consumption – thereby completely eliminating its total import dependence…

It needs hundreds of billions of dollars in investments and a lot of time for industrial development gestation. Nigeria needs not to sell raw or natural resources, She needs to sell processed finished products, which will give the country a huge impetus toward economic development and social independence. Nigeria needs industrialization – effective, cheap and simple technologies.

This is what Nigeria needs today.

At UNIG, this is why we are investing in the economy of Nigeria. Moreover, this is why and our partners have created UNIG HOLDINGS and are investing funds, ideas and technologies into this country. The portfolio of our businesses and investment propositions of UNIG HOLDINGS include highly profitable projects in several sectors of the country’s economy, based on our recognition of of Nigeria as the largest and most dynamically developing state in Africa.

We’ve started work. We’ve started investing. We started our business based on the experience gained and the opportunities that we have. Our interest in Nigeria stems from our recognition of the country’s enormous potential, its human capital and its rich natural resources, climate and cultural differences. In them, we see opportunities that guarantee high profitability, growth and multi-sector diversification. We also recognize the Nigerian paradox and identify it with the plight of its population, who are striving to improve their standard of living. A huge amount of investment in local industry can increase real per capita income and ultimately transform people’s lives, whilst instilling a mentality of individual dignity and National pride.

The central issue for us and the main issue for all Nigerians remains the question of how to turn Nigeria from a consumer economy into a producer economy. UNIG HOLDINGS through its subsidiaries is creating basis for the introduction of proven and new technologies that will contribute to increasing the quantity and quality of products produced in Nigeria. We see an urgent need for Nigeria’s industrial development, which will increase its gross product and free its markets of cheap and inferior imports. This path will lead Nigeria from the countries categorized as third world countries with a dubious economy and will give it the pride of place among the advanced countries of the world.

This is our business.

We unite the European philosophy of dignity, quality, ethics, knowledge, experience, dedication, technology and relentlessness, with the never-say-die Nigerian spirit to form core of profitable enterprise. This is our philosophy at UNIG HOLDINGS..